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felt like posting them here

Apple-Sparkle Family:

Applejack and Twilight are married with two foals, Blue Pearmain and Apple Grenade. Applejack is owner of the farm now, and is always very busy with, well.. Business stuff. XD She also travels a lot because of rodeos, but she always finds time to her family. Twilight is the principal of Ponyville School, and she and Cheerilee are pretty close friends now that they have to manage the school together.

Big Macintosh spends most of his time doing the hard work of the farm, now that Applejack is usually busy, and also takes care of all the foals. He wishes he could help the farm and his sister in a way other than bucking apples all day long, but doesn't really know how.  Married to Cheerilee, and they have one foal: A unnamed stallion that makes cider :y

Apple Bloom got her hat from Applejack and is next in line to become owner of the farm. She actually isn't really looking forward to it, but will do it anyway for her family. She is a carpenter and is married to Truffle Shuffle. They take care of baking all the apple food, and Truffle even managed to improve the Zap Apple Jam receipe. They have two young foals, Zap Jam(boy) and Sunburst(Girl)

Winona is dead, but she left a little puppy called Wilson(The puppy from one of the Applejack toys), who is owned by Apple Bloom, and loves to play with her children.

Granny Smith is DEAD :c


Dash Family:

Eventually, Rainbow Dash joined the Wonderbolt of course. She eventually became co-captain after Soarin' quit, and started dating Spitfire.

One day during a visit to Twilight's library, they found a Magic Mirror(That Twilight was studying) and got two little accidental twins: Sky Blaze and... A stallion XD

Spitfire, deciding never to abandon family members after her mother's death, quit the Wonderbolts to take care of them. She often tries to get RD to quit or at least try to give the family more attention, but Rainbow doesn't really want her dream to end so soon.

She is seriously thinking of quitting thought.

Her sons don't really care thought. Sky Blaze loves the fact  he has a ~~popular mom~~ thought he does sees her as more of a celebrity he knows rather than his mother. His brother... He's busy with other things.


Fluttershy Family:

Gildashy story is a bit of a wip. Fluttershy eventually finds Gilda again, and thought she is really scared at first, she realizes the griffon needs some help. Gilda does misses Rainbow Dash and is really jealous of her friends, specially Fluttershy who she has known since her childhood.

Fluttershy, after getting over her fear of griffons, helps Gilda to be less agressive and make some friends. She is making progress, thought Gilda is kinda still same old Gilda XP She pretty much attacks anyone that teases her, SPECIALLY about her relationship with Fluttershy.

Fluttershy is a counselor at Flight Academy, while Gilda is a gym coach. They have a little daughter, Bug Whistle, who is her mommy's biggest fan XD

She also loves to play with Aunt Grizelda, Gilda' annoying little sister ;3

Scootaloo is Fluttershy's sister. When she finally realized she would never fly, Rainbow Dash was busy being super famous, and scoots had a bit of a breakdown. Fluttershy couldn't handle seeing her little sister suffer, and ''broke the rules'' she had made: Never speak to Scootaloo, and pretend you don't know her.

Eventually, Scootaloo got over it, and healed her bond with Fluttershy. She found out her talent is being fast, except on the ground. She often does lots of cool perfomances with her scooter around Ponyville.

Scootaloo married Spike, a childhood friend that had helped her a bit trought her depression too, by making her laugh(''Hey, I can't fly either! 8D'') They live at Sweet Apple Acres with their two hybrids.


Rarity Family:

Rarity, after many occasional encounters with Fancypants, became his close friend. He started to help her with Carousel Boutique, and they eventually fall in love. They are married, and live in Canterlot with three children. She is a rather famous stylist, and managed to make her dream come true: She designed many of Princess Celestia's dresses for the Summer Sun Celebration.

Sweetie Belle become a famous singer all over Equestria, and married Snails, now a biologist at Canterlot University. Thought they live at Canterlot, they often send their son Cinnamon Roll to Ponyville, to play with his friends and because sometimes they're too busy to take care of him. When that happens, he stays at Sweet Apple Acres under Apple Bloom and Scootaloo's care.

Cinnamon Roll was born with a underdeveloped horn, and he can't perform any magic other than a quick spark here and there. Which is awful for him, since everyone expects the best of him, as he's Snails' son.


Pie Family:

Pinkie eventually became owner of Sugarcube Corner, and transformed it into the biggest bakery industry of Equestria. When Mr. Cake's brother, Donut Joe came to visit... It was love at first sight. XD He and Pinkie started dating, thought at first it was a bit awkward since his Donut Cafe and Mr. Cake's Sugarcube Corner have always been rivals. When they got married, they merged both shops.

When Pinkie and Joe started dating, Pinkie adopted daughter Sweet Biscuit was really wary of him. They eventually grew closer when Joe offered to teach her magic, something her earth pony mother could never do.

I need to work more with the Pie sisters... Blinkie, the youngest eventually leaves the Rock Farm, knowing that her true calling is dancing, she goes to Manehattan, and thought she isn't exactly famous, she is very well known around her area.

Inkie, the oldest, stays with the farm. She feels like she's supposed to be there, taking care of her parents and the little business they still have left. She did manage to improve the farm thought. They import shiny and polished rocks to everywhere for sculptures, buildings etc
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